January 21st – February 19th

Element: Air

Planet: Uranus


Spirituality/Awakening (Purple)

For the first Aquarius chakra, we have one stone that is strictly used, this is the White Noble Opal. There is another stone, the Obsidian Rainbow, this stone can, not only be used for this chakra but also another, but we will touch on that later!

Meditation/Intuition (Blue)

For Aquarius’ second chakra, there are four different stones that focus on it. Three of these are strictly only to be used for this one while one has the ability to serve a dual purpose.  For the first few you have the options of choosing from amethyst, ceylon sapphire, and lapis lazuli! The last one is silver which can be used for the blue chakra and for the indigo chakra!

Self Affirmation/Communication (Indigo)

The third chakra consists of three stones. Of course, silver! But we have two new ones that are specifically geared towards it! Both are aquamarine and turquoise. These two are serine and fluid just like the chakra they represent.

Emotional Balance/Love (Green)

For emotional balance and love, simplicity is the key. There is only one stone for this chakra but it solidifies love and the richness of it. Jade is the best representation for the fourth chakra.

Protection/Character (Yellow)

Just like the green chakra, the yellow chakra only has one stone that contributes to the power of it. Rainbow Fluorite is the stone that best represents character and protection for Aquarius’.

Creativity/Passion (Orange)

For the next chakra for a person under the Aquarius sign, the dalmatian jasper and the silver rutilated quartz. Either of these stones can be used for this chakra!

Anchor/Grounding (Red)

For the last chakra, the obsidian rainbow and the dalmation jasper are used and both stones can be used for the purple and orange chakras as well.