December 22nd – January 20th

Element – Earth

Planet – Saturn


Spirituality/Awakening (Purple)

For this part of a Capricorn’s inner being, the moonstone is perfect if you feel you or a Capricorn you know needs a spiritual nudge! A moonstone could also be helpful in aiding intuition or even meditation to guide or clear a distinct path within themselves.

Meditation/ Intuition (Blue)

As stated before, a moonstone can be used for this aspect of a body but purple fluorite and amethyst work as well! Both have a full purpose of this chakra.

Self Affirmation/ Communication (Indigo)

For the indigo chakra, the blue chalcedony helps serve with self affirmation and communications with one’s self.

Emotional Balance/ Love (Green)

Pink quartz and malachite are two opposite stones, but they serve the same purpose when it comes to a Capricorn’s love and overall emotional balance.

Protection/Character (Yellow)

In the next chakra, we have rainbow fluorite and chrysoberyl. For these stones, they are the perfect fit for this chakra, the rainbow fluorite is perfect for character, it shows diversity in oneself.

Creativity/Passion (Orange)

For a very unique chakra, we have two very unique stones under this category. First is the silver rutilated quartz and the second is dalmation jasper.

Anchor/Grounding (Red)

The last and final chakra, which keeps you at your top survival instinct, and is linked to survival and self preservation. The stones responsible for this chakra are hematite and black tourmaline.