You are energy. It is good to have your energy equally balanced, between psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy. 

What is a chakra?

By definition, they are energy centers within the body that help continue the flow of all functions. From emotions to immune system to organ function. (Not to mistake this as medical advice, if you have a serious health concern consult a doctor!)

There are a total of seven chakras within the human body, from the very top of the head to the very bottom of the spine, all separately serving a different purpose. Each have their own color and frequency!

What is it’s purpose?

Like previously explained before, they are to keep balance in the body. Chakras is associated with more so astrology and the zodiacs, with each zodiac  containing their own unique stone pertaining to each chakra.

The different colors of chakras:

1st- Base of the Spine (Red) – Grounding

2nd- Lower Abdomen (Orange) – Creativity/Passion

3rd- Upper Abdomen (Yellow) – Protection/Character

4th- Center of Chest (Green) – Emotional Balance/Love

5th- Throat (Blue) – Meditation/Intuition

6th- Between Eyes (Purple) – Spirituality/Awakening

7th- Top of Head (Indigo) – Self Affirmation/Communication

What is the purpose for this blog post?

On our Brooks Blog we will be starting posts during the time period of each zodiac sign explaining their lucky stones associated with each chakra! You will know more information for your or someone you know’s respective sign regarding what stones are associated with them. The purpose is to be inspired and maybe contributing to any unique gift ideas!