For proper jewelry care, you must know what your cleaning and how to clean it. The brand we normally recommend is connoisseurs. The make 3 different jars for precious, silver, and delicate jewelry.

Precious: Gold, Diamonds, and Precious Stones

  • It is in a red jar with a yellow accent on the front.
  • Use it at least once a week or more.  (Depending on how dirty your jewelry may be)
  • A soft bristled brush is recommended to scrub the jewelry. (Upon purchasing the cleaner it will come with a brush and a little basket to set your jewelry in. 
  • The longer you soak the jewelry, the cleaner your jewelry may get.

Silver: Sterling Silver Jewelry 

  • This also comes into a red jar with a blue accent on it.
  • Use this as accordingly as you want, once again depending on how dirty the jewelry may be. This is only to be used for sterling silver only.
  • This will also come with a brush and basket.
  • Soaking it for an allotted amount of time is the same as well.

Delicate: Semi Precious Stones & Pearls

  • This comes within a red and pink jar. Same rules apply like the previous two jars!

Tips for Cleaning

  • Perfume, sweat, body oils, lotion, soap, hair spray, etc., is not good for your jewelry and makes it look cloudy and gets very goopy.
  • Never wear your jewelry in a case where you can make your jewelry dirty. i.e., washing the dishes, getting ready in the morning, washing your hands, etc.
  • Anything like a diamond engagement ring should not be worn when putting lotion on or any action from the above bullet.
  • Never and we repeat NEVER touch the top of your diamond on your engagement ring. The oil from your skin creates a film which makes it looks super cloudy and dirty.
  • We recommend at least once a year to get your engagement ring professionally cleaned, polished, and rhodiumed. Also to get the prongs of the diamond (or if you have diamonds on your band(s) ) checked out as well!