October is finally here and it’s the month of OPAL! We have great opal pieces that are 20% off. If you have someone special in your life that relates to opal, then we have great deals and items for you!

Opal can have many significance’s, it has a deeper meaning beyond just being a birthstone. If you’re in your 14th or 18th year of marriage it can be a great gift within a ring or a necklace. Opal is also a stone that represents hope, innocence, and purity. It can also represent happiness, faithfulness, loyalty, and confidence! If you are someone who believes in the powers of holistic healing through stones, opal is perfect for you, opal is believed to be a healing stone for diseases and aids in the help of healing from different contagions! All while gives you an increased sense of your self-worth and letting go of the negativity of your past. Start a new beginning with an opal piece today!



Opal is like lightning in a rainbow, anyway you turn it, you can see the beautiful flash of different colors that radiate off the stone. The stone has outstanding significance with the way it is formed, rain falls from the sky and works its way through the crevasses of the earth into rocks and once evaporation starts, the silica left within the rock dries and forms into the stone. Opal beautifully forms from the natural elements which radiates off our jewelry, where you can where it with the confidence and showing off your stone while gaining the benefits we believe it possesses!



Whether it’s for your marriage anniversary, self-discovery for you or that special person in your life, opal jewelry is the right gift for you this month.

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