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Quick Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

Congratulations! You are ready to take the next step in your relationship with your significant other. How exciting! But, how do you take that next step? What actions do you need to take towards purchasing a ring. BUDGET Will determine a lot, like the 4 C's; cut, color, carat, and clarity in regards to the [...]

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A Spice of Simplicity

In a day and age where is the world is in the palm of your hands, it's nice to take a step back and enjoy the simplicity that life has to offer. "Less is more." When it comes to anything, like jewelry, you can make a big and bold statement with any sort of piece. [...]

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Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Getting married is new and exciting! To share that special bond with someone for up to 60 years or more is truly special. There is a tradition that you get a special gift for how many years you've been married! We have set up a table to show the year and the gift correlated with [...]

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Valentine’s Gift Guide!

Valentine's Day will be here sooner than later! While you're still recovering from the holidays we thought this quick guide would help you find the perfect gift at great prices for that special someone! If you don't see anything that fits your budget, there are plenty of other great pieces on the website to choose [...]

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We are on Pinterest!

We have a very active Pinterest page where we post a lot of educational information, engagement ring ideas, women's and men's watches etc. Our boards feature so many cool and unique pieces of jewelry, you could definitely find some inspo for gift, engagement, wedding, and many other ideas! The link to our Pinterest is here: https://www.pinterest.com/brooksdiamonds/ Be [...]

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Jewelry Care

For proper jewelry care, you must know what your cleaning and how to clean it. The brand we normally recommend is connoisseurs. The make 3 different jars for precious, silver, and delicate jewelry. Precious: Gold, Diamonds, and Precious Stones It is in a red jar with a yellow accent on the front. Use it at [...]

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Chakras and Your Zodiac Sign

You are energy. It is good to have your energy equally balanced, between psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy.  What is a chakra? By definition, they are energy centers within the body that help continue the flow of all functions. From emotions to immune system to organ function. (Not to mistake this as medical advice, [...]

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Birthstones Chart

        Month Stone Meaning Flower January Garnet Calm Carnation   February Amethyst Power Violet March Aquamarine Unity Daffodil April Diamond Endurance Sweet Pea May Emerald Joy Lilly of the Valley June Pearl Clarity Rose July Ruby Harmony Larkspur August Peridot Purity Gladiolus Poppy September Sapphire Loyalty Aster Morning Glory October Opal Tourmaline [...]

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Excellence in Customer Satisfaction!

For the ninth consecutive year, The Talk Awards™ have awarded us the best jeweler in Pennsylvania for Excellence In Customer Satisfaction! The Talk Awards™ are granted by data collected from customer reviews, surveys, blogs, social networks, and business-rating services. We would like to thank all of our valued customers for giving us such an outstanding [...]

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Must Haves for the New Year

2019 is here! While the New Year has come, we have fun pieces that will fit any upcoming celebration! This first group is perfect for a fun night out on the town! This disco ball duo is sure to shine! Earrings: https://brooksdiamonds.net/product/disco-ball-dangle-earrings/ Bracelet: https://brooksdiamonds.net/product/disco-ball-bracelet/   Next up is some fun pieces that will surely be a stand [...]

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