“A wedding ring is a symbol of commitment; a promise, a pledge, and a vow. The promise is to forsake all others, to stay devoted and true; the pledge is to honor that promise selflessly, to see the whole thing through; and the vow is to keep that pledge unwaveringly, until the days are few. It is a mutual agreement to become one instead of two.”     

—– J.W. Lord

When shopping for an engagement ring, it can be pretty overwhelming. You may log into Pinterest time and time again and find something you like a post it to your wedding board. However, taste can go all over the place, rings can be beautiful, but at the end of the day, you’re only going to be receiving one. It’s about the love and connection that two people share and 30 years down the road, you should be able to look at your ring and remember why you forged that bond together. So instead of driving yourself crazy searching engagement rings all over the internet, we are going to break down some beautiful, elegant rings that may make the choosing process easier!


  • The Solitaire
    • This is the most classic style of ring. The setting has no diamonds and really highlights the center stone. It’s classic, simple, and any kind of wedding band can go with it.

  • Classic Diamond 
    • This setting has classic diamonds in the band to add a little more sparkle along with the center stone.

  • Twisted Band 
    • This one gives you the best of both worlds with a twist design one bar with diamonds and the other without. These can be made with or without diamonds as well.

  • Halo Design
    • Halo’s can come in different shapes; square, cushion, round, oval, etc. Halo’s mainly just add to the diamond and give a more bigger looking ring.

  • Split Shank 
    • The band divides at a certain spot leading into the center stone. It adds a little extra something to the ring like a twist setting.

  • Three Stone Band 
    • This is an older style design, which represents past, present, and future. This can come in different styles with three stones and smaller stones on the band or just the three stones and a plain band.

These rings are the most common, but there are freeform style rings that have a unique look. This list is give an idea of what style of rings are available but this list is not limited to the possibilities!