Getting married is new and exciting! To share that special bond with someone for up to 60 years or more is truly special. There is a tradition that you get a special gift for how many years you’ve been married! We have set up a table to show the year and the gift correlated with each one!


YEAR                                                                       GIFT

1st Paper
2nd Cotton
3rd Leather
4th Fruit, Flowers
5th Wood, Clock
6th Candy, Iron
7th Wool, Copper
8th Bronze, Appliance
9th Pottery, Willow
10th Tin, Aluminum
11th Steel
12th Silk, Linen
13th Lace
14th Ivory
15th Crystal
20th China
25th Silver
30th Pearl
35th Coral, Jade
40th Ruby
45th Sapphire
50th Gold
55th Emerald
60th Diamond